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VILLA TOLNAY Rajnai Rizling 2007

Rajnai Rizling 2007

Bottle price
3 750 HUF
For club members or over 12 pcs.
3 440 HUF
Unit price: 5 000 HUF / litre.
Our prices are gross prices.

“For us the 2007 and 2010 vintages are the best examples for proving that a serious white wine can be made in Hungary from Riesling. These are wines that are durable, and even more, get better with ageing. The cool autumn in 2007 also helped, although we decided that we wanted to make this kind of wine. We harvested a bit earlier with low alcohol and razor sharp acidity and therefore a few grams of residual sugar were necessary for it to remain such an exciting and tight wine, even after seven years. Despite the fact that it has aged beautifully in the bottle, there are still reserves in it.”
László Nagy, winemaker


An amazing Riesling: varietally pure with petrol, rich flavours, original Riesling character from start to finish. It has some residual sugar, a tightly-knit, dense structure and is long yet lively. It is ageing beautifully.

Villa Tolnay
0.75 l
14.5 alc
1 650 HUF1 390 HUF

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