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Béla és Bandi, Lajvér, Sebestyén, Marqués de Murrieta, Kreinbacher, Veuve Clicquot


We met up with Előd Szijjártó to see the first designs of the new image during the first days of October. By that time, the wines he debuted with us at the end of the summer were almost sold out, and he had been harvesting continuously for four weeks. “With the exception of two  Saturday afternoons, we haven't stopped since 26th August,” he said, a little sleep-deprived but still full of vigour. Last year, 13 hectares of harvested grapes were already vinified at the Etyek winery with its New World atmosphere. Most of them went to sparkling wine. Now, the time of the still wines has arrived: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Here is the fresh vintage of all three.

Just tasted

Our experience is still fresh from the tastings of the last few days and weeks, so’ve we selected the wines based on the best impressions. Four whites and five reds – a colourful selection without any guiding principles, from Puglia to Muzsla, from Chablis to the Káli Basin. These are the wines ‘we’ve just tasted’, an appendix to our monthly newsletter with tips and delicious wines.


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