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We have tuned our selected wines for July to the sweltering heat, walking barefoot and the singing of cicadas and crickets, which indicate the real summer. Beside the whites, sparkling wines and rosés, we have dedicated a separate section to those light reds, which are just as refreshing well-chilled in the summer heat.

A few degrees of difference can make wonders

Chilled reds

The sweltering summer is just as good for light and well-chilled reds as it is for crispy whites or powdery-coloured rosés. Moreover, due to their delicious sourness, they appear to be even more thirst-quenching than the latter options. 


2 together

Their work is aided by wild rabbits hopping among the vines, which also return as permanent characters on their labels that bring Alice's Wonderland to life.

In addition to the standard red varietal and blended wines from the wine region, fresh, refreshing summer wines are also made at the winery, with the same seriousness and high quality. We have now brought in two of these from the new vintage.

Bottle price
HUF 5 480
HUF 4 800
-12 %
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Provence rosés and their Hungarian challengers

Rosé is the art of conjecture, it has everything, but it’s not really complete, only as a shadow or a reflection. Rosé is a genre of fleeting impressions, subtle hints, and weightless floating. A rosé glides, there can be no effort, flapping of wings in it, it trusts itself to the air currents and surfs on the waves of the wind.


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