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Pascal Jolivet
Pascal Jolivet

Attitude Sauvignon Blanc 2021

The nose of this spontaneously tank-fermented wine opens with loads of green pepper, cut grass, asparagus and dill. Over time, the nose softens to the palate, with aromas of fruits that are rounder and sweeter in tone. It’s a minerally vibrant and an exciting, joyful wine.

Bottle price
HUF 6 350
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HUF 5 820



Endre Szászi grew up in Szigliget and used to go to Szent György Hill to pick sweet chestnuts with his classmates from Hegymagas, who knew the best places to find them. When he decided to make wine, he started there with 0.4 hectares, in a cellar built from basalt and tiles. He’s been waking up with grapes and going to bed with wine since 1998, and knows everything about the local varieties that he cultivates organically on 20 hectares. “We like drinking these, so we will never plant the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. There’s a lot of those in other places in the world,” he explains.

Szászi borok

SZÁSZI Rózsakő 2021 (Bio)

SZÁSZIRózsakő 2021 (Bio)

HUF 3 450
Bottle priceHUF 3 450
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HUF 3 160
SZÁSZI Zenit 2021 (Bio)

SZÁSZIZenit 2021 (Bio)

HUF 2 750
Bottle priceHUF 2 750
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HUF 2 520


We’re showing new wines from the Homola winery, which we’ve been working with for several years with selective wines.


Homola’s world-travelled team has been working in one of the most modern wineries of Balatofüred-Csopak and by the 2021 vintage they also moved into the immediate vicinity of Sáfránykert. The gravity-flow winery is equipped with modern presses, temperature-controlled tanks, practical solutions, Attila Homonna, and our former colleague Péter Nagyváradi, who’s settled here by Lake Balaton after many years of travelling and harvests abroad. While looking through their current wines, we stumbled upon their white village wine, Paloznak, and their Syrah, which is rare in Hungary but they managed to bring out its best form in the warm Hajnóczy vineyard.

Homola borok

HOMOLA Syrah 2017
Wine of the monthKlub price 4 700

HOMOLASyrah 2017

HUF 5 400
Bottle priceHUF 5 400
Member price
HUF 4 950
HOMOLA Paloznak 2020

HOMOLAPaloznak 2020

HUF 3 250
Bottle priceHUF 3 250
Member price
HUF 2 970
HOMOLA "Parti szél" (Sauvignon Blanc) 2021
New in assortment

HOMOLA"Parti szél" (Sauvignon Blanc) 2021

HUF 3 150
Bottle priceHUF 3 150
Member price
HUF 2 880
HOMOLA 100% Rizling 2021
New in assortment

HOMOLA100% Rizling 2021

HUF 2 250
Bottle priceHUF 2 250
Member price
HUF 2 060




Tibor Gál’s Eger winery will be 30 years old next year, yet it seems as if a completely new era has begun at the winery. The focus has been shifted from single-varietal wines to blends – to the Csillag and the Bikavér; transition to organic cultivation has begun; and the long-time routine of blending has also changed. The base of the Bikavér is given by the crop of the best plots, and instead of 3 to 4 years of ageing, the perfectly ripened raw material is put into large barrels for a maximum of one year.

I’d like to build a wine workshop, where I can experiment with the recipe of the most original Bikavér,” says Tibor. 

That’s why the new winery is being built in the town centre, opposite Fúzió, with an almost 1,500-metre-long, labyrinth-like cellar system.  

Gál Tibor borai

GÁL TIBOR Egri Bikavér Superior 2019

GÁL TIBOREgri Bikavér Superior 2019

HUF 3 550
Bottle priceHUF 3 550
Member price
HUF 3 250
GÁL TIBOR Egri Csillag 2021

GÁL TIBOREgri Csillag 2021

HUF 2 450
Bottle priceHUF 2 450
Member price
HUF 2 240
Homonna Mumus


"Anyone who knows me recognises that the Mumus (i.e. the Bogeyman) is partly me and this wine is both mocking the fine wines that are taken too seriously and also the natural wines which are taken too easy-going. "

Champagne Vilmart & Cie

Champagne Vilmart

The fifth-generation Vilmart is no larger than 11 hectares, yet they are favourites of Champagne fans.

Champagne Vilmart & Cie

VILMART & CIE Grand Cellier Brut Premier Cru

VILMART & CIEGrand Cellier Brut Premier Cru

HUF 23 500
Bottle priceHUF 23 500
Member price
HUF 21 540
VILMART & CIE Grande Réserve Brut Premier Cru

VILMART & CIEGrande Réserve Brut Premier Cru

HUF 18 900
Bottle priceHUF 18 900
Member price
HUF 17 320
VILMART & CIE Grande Réserve Brut Premier Cru Magnum

VILMART & CIEGrande Réserve Brut Premier Cru Magnum

HUF 39 500
Bottle priceHUF 39 500
Member price
HUF 36 200
VILMART & CIE Coeur de Cuvée 2014 Premier Cru

VILMART & CIECoeur de Cuvée 2014 Premier Cru

HUF 48 500
Bottle priceHUF 48 500
Member price
HUF 44 450


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