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About DRS

From early 2024, a new logo will start appearing only on a few bottles at first, then almost all glass, metal and plastic packaging will bear it by the end of the year.

Within the framework of DRS i.e. Deposit and Return System, products with the logo will be returnable.

The return fee, as shown in the picture, is HUF 50/bottle.

The return fee is like a deposit fee:

At the time of purchase, it is added to the amount of the bill and you can reclaim it at the return points set up for this purpose.

Where can I return the bottle to?

We are not yet a return point.

The operator of the system is MOHU, which provides the return places and automatic reverse vending machines.

You can find these return point here.

Grocery retailers with a sales area exceeding 400 m2 will definitely have a return point.

In what case can I return the bottle?

If the logo is on it and the bottle is not damaged.

How does the return process take place?

  • You receive a coupon that you can redeem in the store connected to the return point.
  • You can donate the deposit to charity.
  • The amount will be returned to your registered card or bank account. (planned, but not in use yet)

What is the advantage?

Fewer discarded bottles, a step towards a circular economy.

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