"I'm happy about it, very much so!" - György Lőrincz on being named Winemaker of the Year

2010 February 10, Wednesday

He is now gaining the recognition that his hard work deserves. We spoke to György on the occasion of him receiving the Hungarian Wine Academy's prestigious Winemaker of the Year Award for 2009.

What do you think about the Winemaker of the Year Award? What does it mean to you?

I think the title itself, Winemaker of the Year, delivers a very strong message. Not many among one's peers receive this title within a generation. On top of that, such exemplary and professionally-accomplished winemakers have been awarded it, such as István Szepsy, Tibor Gál, Vilmos Thummerer and Attila Gere, which makes it a real honour to receive such an acknowledgement. In short: I'm happy about it, very much so.

Has it ever been your aim to receive the award?

In fact, I have to admit that I've longed for it on a few occasions - which is something I might be a tiny bit ashamed of - but this could also be understandable based on the aforementioned reasons. The first time this very definite feeling came over me was when we were celebrating Tibor Gál being named as the Winemaker of the Year in 1998.  Back then I wanted to be like him, or at least to one day be able to achieve similar professional success. Of course, I can't be like him, as we were gifted with different talents in life, but this award has put me a bit closer to him. Otherwise, on a few occasions - as I had been nominated before - this longing came to the surface. I went to the unveiling of the winner thinking that I must win. This time I really wanted to win the award, as this way I've been given the opportunity to serve the Eger wine region at such a "historically" important moment.

How does the Hungarian Wine Academy decide who to give the award to?

The voting consists of a couple of rounds. In the first round, as far as I know, almost 500 people are given the opportunity to express their opinions about who they consider worthy of the prize. Based on these votes they nominate the five candidates who can go through to the second round. The members of the Hungarian Wine Academy then vote to decide who will be the Winemaker of the Year out of the five candidates. As you can learn from their information booklet, the Hungarian wine Academy does not base its decision on an occasional or sudden wine success. Among other factors, an important aspect is that the candidates represent consistency in the pursuit of quality wine making.

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