BILLECART-SALMON Brut Réserve 0,375 l

Brut Réserve 0,375 l

Bottle price
10 500 HUF
Unit price: 28 000 HUF / litre.
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Elegant aromas, a full, vinous palate, followed by a lovely freshness, for a cuvee which is right for every occasion in life.
The BILLECART-SALMON Brut Réserve is a round, harmonious and balanced champagne.
This cuvée, with reflections of straw yellow, stands out by the finesse of its slowly rising bubbles and its persistent mousse.
Maturity touched with floral freshness for this cuvée that breathes aromas of ripe pears.
A full, vinous attack followed by a fine freshness and a rich bouquet bear witness to the ageing of this cuvée in the House's traditional cellars.
0.375 l
12 alc
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