BILLECART-SALMON Nicolas-Francois Billecart 2006

Nicolas-Francois Billecart 2006

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54 000 HUF
Unit price: 72 000 HUF / litre.
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The names of the three founders of the family estate that has prospered since 1818 are carried on by the prestige blends. Out of the three, the Nicolas Francois Cuvée is the one that goes back the longest: it has been made since 1964 from the best vintages, in an unchanged style. Pinot Noir emphasis (60%) that comes from the villages of Reims Hill and the Marne Valley, complemented by 40% of Chardonnay from the snow-white soil vineyards of Côte des Blancs. The main part was mostly fermented in tanks, complemented by the 5% traditional large barrel part. We could list a lot of factors that make it the most highly regarded champagne of the house, still, the most important detail is time in this case again. These bottles are disgorged in the 12th year after the harvest, and only the best base wines can withstand such a long time, and even more, in this case the more than 10 years of lees ageing has formed such character that we rarely encounter. It has a deep colour, it sparkles in the glass, and the bubbles are spectacular. One can feel a lot of aromas, always something else pops up, and the most important are: ripe apple, dried flowers, honey, brioche, citrus and wild red berries. Balance and powerful flavours, tautness from the first to the last sip, with a long mineral finish. 

It was disgorged in April 2018, dosage: 5.5g/l.

0.75 l
12.5 alc
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