DOM PERIGNON Dom Perignon P2 2000

Dom Perignon P2 2000

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139 000 HUF
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Throughout the history of the prestige cuvée, this was the first time when they didn’t follow chronological order. For its warmth and maturity, the 2009 came out before the 2008 vintage, while the cooler, classic 2008 Dom Perignon was first put out on the market at the end of 2018. For a long time, the 2008 appeared to be an average year, but before the harvest in September came the beautiful sunshine which resulted in the harvest going ahead in perfect ripeness. Richard Geoffroy and Vincent Chaperon compare the 2008 vintage to the 1996 one. The mention of the name of these two people is also important, since Vincent Chaperon became the new chef de cave at Dom Perignon in January 2019, and he has been working hand in hand at every step with Richard Geoffroy, the previous cellar master, since 2008.

Floral aromas alongside the anise, mint, roasted notes and citrus fruit. Creamy structure, the vintage’s high acids are nicely integrated, with tiny bubbles and a rich, deep palate. The nose and the palate are in harmony, with a layered and refreshing finish featuring white-fleshed fruit.

Dom Perignon
0.75 l
12.5 alc
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