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DEUTZ Brut Rosé Champagne - Bortársaság

DEUTZBrut Rosé Champagne

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HUF 30 500
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HUF 27 950

Unit price: HUF 40 667 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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Cherry, blackberry, pomegranate and redcurrant on the nose. The fruity character of the palate is emphasized by strawberry and raspberry. It is characterised by pleasantly lively acidity and bubbles, as well as excellent balance. It’s fresh, but also has a nicely mature character, thanks to the almost three years of ageing.

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In the history, selection, style of Deutz champagne house there is everything which makes a classic champagne classic champagne. As we can read in the Champagne tales two ambitious young men established the company whose children got married and by this step connected the fate of these two families for good and all. The house has remained loyal to A˙ village located 3 kilometres from Epernay, here the estate centre can be found, it is almost 190 hectares - its yield is processed - and can be found in the 30 km radius district of the village.

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