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KRUG Rosé in gift box - Bortársaság

KRUGRosé in gift box

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HUF 149 000
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HUF 136 580

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One of the greatest legends of the wine world is the Krug family, and in Champagne they are a reference point when it’s about maturity and oak notes. It’s rare in the life of the long-lasting estates that are built on one wine for a new one to make it into their selection. That’s why it surprised the professional scene, when after many years of nagging, Krug came up with a rosé. Not surprisingly, it was a rosé that differed from the wine region’s norm, even back then (in the 1980s).

After the minimum of 7 years of bottle ageing, the style is the most mature and layered with spicy notes and incredible length and depth on the palate. The complexity of the nose and the palate was in the focus of the blending this time as well. The excellent colour is the result of it.

*limited availability, maximum 1 bottles/purchase

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