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PIPER-HEIDSIECK Rosé Sauvage - Bortársaság


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HUF 27 500
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Made from selected Pinot Noir blended with red wine from the Aube region (20-25%), the Piper’s full, Pinot Noir-based cuvée is about the dominance of red fruits. It’s bold and well-structured, with a pronounced, almost scarlet red colour. Besides the blackcurrant, sour cherry and strawberry – tangerine and blood orange complement its fruitiness, with cherry, blackberry and pink grapefruit coming to the forefront on the palate. The intensely spicy and smoky notes add to its complexity.
Components: 50-55% Pinot Noir, out of which 20-25% is red wine, 30-35% Pinot Meunier, 15-20% Chardonnay.
Dosage: 10 g/l

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