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POL ROGER Brut Reserve Champagne Magnum - Bortársaság

POL ROGERBrut Reserve Champagne Magnum

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HUF 42 700
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HUF 39 140

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All the know-how of our firm is revealed in its ability to reproduce each year a blend which is consistent in style and in quality, to recompose that subtle bouquet of aromas, that unique mix of complexity and balance of freshness and distinction, which is at the origin of our Brut Réserve. 
A beautifully gold straw yellow hue, fine bubbles. A bouquet of floral and fruity aromas - nose of fresh citrus, mandrain, grapefruit and pinapple with beeswax and spicy notes.  Lively, light, but more rich. Ripe and thirst-quenching on the palate, with a superb taste of brioche.

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