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VILMART & CIE Grand Cellier Brut Premier Cru - Bortársaság

VILMART & CIEGrand Cellier Brut Premier Cru

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The best representatives of the winemaking profession can be found in Champagne, and above a certain level it’s not the quality that distinguishes the houses, only the style, yet professionals who have tasted the most from the region tend to use only superlatives when it comes to Vilmart. The style of the family estate goes back to the classics, yet is completely unique: ancient, deep flavour and elevated. They cultivate all the land by themselves, the furthest plot is on the edge of the village, barely one kilometre from the cellar. Grand Cellier, the best-known member of the Vilmart line, was one of the great experiences of our tastings in December: the phosphorous, mineral nose is followed by salty, black grape flavours on the precise palate, with the ethereal purity and mousse typical of the big houses meeting the deep vinous flavours. At Vilmart, all base wines are fermented in oak barrels, and unlike the average, they don’t convert the must’s natural malic acids to lactic acids, instead it’s transferred to the wine.

  •  Rilly-la-Montagne, Premier Cru village
  • 30-year-old vines
  • 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir
  • fermentation in large, 40-50-hectolitre barrels

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Vilmart & Cie

The style of the cult Champagne estate is entirely unique, and it goes back to old methods: all base wines are fermented in oak barrels, and contrary to the usual way, they don’t carry out malolactic fermentation, but they lift it into the wine.

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