LÉGLI Pezsgő Villa Boclar 2015

Pezsgő Villa Boclar 2015

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7 500 HUF
Unit price: 10 000 HUF / litre.
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The Léglis have been selecting the grapes for their traditional method sparkling base wine from the cool, tried and tested vineyard for years. In 2015, the Furmint and Riesling blend was put into the lean bottles, then the secondary fermentation was followed by long ageing. The bottles that have arrived now were disgorged after 37 months of ageing, and the mature traditional method sparkling wine is called Villa Boclar. The bubbles didn’t disappear during the long ageing, the wine only changed as the structure became layered, the palate creamy, and the mousse is now very nice.

“After three years of ageing, a completely different quality is born. Such substance and seriousness forms, which even surprised us.”  – Ottó Légli.

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