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ETYEKI KÚRIA Chardonnay-Pinot Noir Brut Méthode Charmat - Bortársaság

ETYEKI KÚRIAChardonnay-Pinot Noir Brut Méthode Charmat

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Etyeki Kúria’s sparkling selection is being built up step by step – starting with Pláne, then came the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, followed by the Charmat method that has just entered the assortment. The next step will presumably be a traditional method sparkling wine, but this milestone will be delayed until the winery has the full confidence and technical background for it. In the meantime, the experimentation continues, and more and more elements of the classic procedure will be incorporated. The Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir varieties were picked at the right level of ripeness for making sparkling wine, then the grapes were pressed in whole bunches, and only the free-run juice was fermented. Twenty percent of reserve wine was blended into the base wine, then according to the Charmat method, the secondary fermentation happened in pressure-resistant tanks, so the bubbles made it into the wine in a natural way. The sparkling wine was given a brief 6 months of ageing on the lees and a dosage of 6.2 g/l. The procedure is more straightforward and quicker than in the case of a traditional method sparkling wine, while the style is fresher, lighter and less yeasty. Sweet aromas of yellow apple, acacia honey and pineapple, and fresh fruitiness on the palate, with lemon juice, pineapple, fresh mango and spices. 

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