P.A.N.K. Syrah Brut Rosé 2018 Pet-Nat (Pink Punk)

Syrah Brut Rosé 2018 Pet-Nat (Pink Punk)

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Pétillant naturel, pét-nat for short, is a trendy alternative of bottle-fermented traditional method sparkling wine that is also accepted within natural wine circles. Compared to other methods, it is less controlled but riskier, but in return the bubbles get into the bottle in a more natural way, with less intervention.

Contrary to traditional method sparkling wine, the sparkle of pét-nats is the result of the first fermentation. The base wine is poured into the bottle before the end of fermentation, and the bottles are typically closed with a crown cork. This way, the remaining sugar (10-20 grams) ferments in the bottle, with delicate bubbles and some lees also forming in it, which is also left in the bottle by the majority of the winemakers. 

As the aim is that fermentation should continue after bottling, pét-nats are typically put on the shelves without adding additional yeast. 

Getting permission for these wines from the official Hungarian bodies is hard going. Attila Pálffy is possibly the first Hungarian winemaker who managed to get it done, and as a result, now 120 bottles of opalescent rosé sparkling wine from Kál with punky packaging have arrived at ours under the category of ‘un-disgorged, bottle-fermented traditional method sparkling wine’. 
(Mező-mál, Syrah, destemming, brief skin contact, pressing, spontaneous fermentation in tanks, bottling with 20 grams of sugar.)

Instead of pristinely pure aromas and easily identifiable fruit, fans of pét-nats primarily search for exciting (almost bizarre) structure, natural bubbles and a foggy appearance in these drinks. Of course, risky fermentation, low intervention and the lack of sulphur can also be strong calls. Owing to bottle fermentation and the lees, at the beginning the aromas here are also cider-like, alongside the strawberry and primary new wine notes. The palate, depending on the amount of the lees, gets thicker (as one gets closer to the bottom of the bottle), the bubbles are tiny and integrate nicely into the structure. 

Life is happening at full-speed in the bottles, so compared to traditional method sparkling wines, opening requires a bit more care. We recommend opening it well-chilled, avoiding bigger shaking moves to avoid it spraying out.  

“My first pét-nat experience was four years ago at a tasting. In the same year, we got prepared for it and from the traditional method sparkling base wine, I made 10-20 bottles, each with a different sugar content. I’ve been experimenting with it every year with different varieties. Last year’s was the first for the shelves. Altogether 70 bottles were made and it was given the Ancestal Attack name.”

“We cannot harvest the Syrah from the Mező-mál vineyard at complete ripeness for the fourth year, because the starlings would get their beaks around it by the time it’d be ripe. That’s also why it was ideal to harvest it for pét-nat raw material well before complete ripeness, with low pH and a high acid content.” – Attila Pálffy.

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