Brut 2015

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13 950 HUF
Unit price: 18 600 HUF / litre.
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“I’ve been making traditional method sparkling wine from Furmint since 2009. 2014 was the only year when it was made from Hárslevelű. Based on 10 vintages, I felt that if you find the right place of growth, then you have 3-4 days to find the right harvest date, on top of that if you have the necessary small-bunch clone, then a good drink is sure to be born from it. I’m getting more and more convinced that this will be the right direction in Tokaj. We have the chance to become a serious wine region in dry wines as well, but traditional method sparkling wine – even if its making seems more complicated – will bring success before that. If we say that wine doesn’t make itself, traditional method sparkling wine does so even less. Still, in the wine region, it appears that we can’t go wrong with this variety, despite the fact that we don’t even have 100 years of experience. I believe that it’s the Furmint-based traditional method sparkling wine that can bring Tokaj’s future closer to the people. The 10 years behind us is not enough for an original form, but it might even put us on the map of traditional method sparkling wine after a decade or two. When we have the razor-sharp, refined drink, then we need the classy location, service and surroundings around it. That has also been Champagne’s secret.” Zoltán Demeter.

hungarian sparkling wines
Demeter Zoltán
Tokaj - Hegyalja
0.75 l
12.5 alc
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