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SAUSKA Brut Jeroboam (3 l) - Bortársaság

SAUSKABrut Jeroboam (3 l)

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“Our first traditional method sparkling wine harvest was in 2011. We had Furmint, Hárslevelű and Chardonnay in our minds. Of course, the Tokaj varieties, plus the easy-going aspect of the Chardonnay. Ever since, we’ve insisted on having a Furmint-based traditional method sparkling wine, everything else is spice that is built around the Furmint. In 2015, our advisor and Krisztián [Sauska] formulated together that the DNA of Sauska traditional method sparkling wines should be Furmint. If we start from Tokaj, then we don’t need a local, aromatic variety. We searched for the neutral wine of the region, one that has good acidity. With the precise, pure harvest and vinification, Furmint can be further refined and fine-tuned. In the Brut, we blended the nicest flavours by tasting blind.” Gábor Rakaczki.  

The Sauskas’ traditional method brut sparkling wine made mostly from Furmint is complimented with Chardonnay, the classic international sparkling wine variety, and a touch of Hárslevelű. It opens with pineapple and mango, while alongside the elegant minerality, quince and mint ensures real length on the palate. Nice acid-sugar balance, great flavour.

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