SAUSKA Tokaj Extra Brut

Tokaj Extra Brut

The product is no longer available.

The source of great pride in the lives of the Sauskas' is the fact that this traditional method sparkling wine was made 100% from Tokaj varieties. It's built solely on their own Furmint and Hárslevelű, from three wonderfully situated vineyards (Medve, Padihegy, Úrágya). Its nose moves towards fresh meadow flowers, white tea and white-fleshed peach. Fresh and taut palate with flint and honey dominance. The Furmint leads the wine's acid backbone and the Hárslevelű joins in with the fun. Its intense bubbles are tiny and lingering. Dosage: 5g/l, ageing time: 21 months, varieties: Furmint 2/3, Hárslevelű 1/3.

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