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TOKAJ NOBILIS Furmint Brut 2017 - Bortársaság

TOKAJ NOBILISFurmint Brut 2017

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“Only Furmint, because it has a good acid structure. It’s pure and vibrant. I was looking for a neutral base wine for my traditional method sparkling wine from the first moment. First, of course, I used it because it was what we had the most of: in 2009, when I didn’t know whether I was able to make pure traditional method sparkling wine in a small quantity at home, I dared to pinch most of it from the still wines. It was the right variety for this exciting game. I had a very important concept, I avoided very strong aromas from the first moment. The harvest date is the most important factor with this variety, if you pick it too early, there will be too much lactic acid in it, and it will be unfriendly. If you’re late, it will get soft. The other tool in achieving elegance is the vinification. I destem the tiny bunches, in a way that the healthy berries don’t get harmed, and no stems, nor the tiny brushes, should remain on the grapes. After this, the base material is immediately put into the press without a pump, on a conveyor belt, where the material for the base wine is made under very low pressure, using only the free-run juice.” Sarolta Bárdos

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