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BORTOLOMIOL Prior Brut 2022 – DOCG Jeroboam - Bortársaság

BORTOLOMIOLPrior Brut 2022 – DOCG Jeroboam

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HUF 35 900
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HUF 34 105

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Bortolomiol's number one prosecco was the dream-come-true of founder Giuliano Bortolomiol. In the middle of the last century, when prosecco meant a sweet sparkling wine for everyone, he invested a lot of energy into making drier prosecco that more accurately reflected the qualities of the variety and the terroir.

Prior has a unique and strikingly pure nose. It’s elegant, noble, more detailed and fragile than usual. Thanks to its dryness, it’s fresher, quenches thirst better and can be great with pasta or fish dishes.




Giuliano Bortolomiol believed the most in winemaking in Valdobbiadene when other people didn’t. He was proved right and Prosecco’s world domination is also due to his work. The estate that produces 2.2 million bottles annually is managed by his daughters today. One of the oldest members of our Prosecco assortment. 

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