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SORELLE BRONCA Brut - DOCG - Bortársaság


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The estate of Antonella and Ersiliana – the two daughters of Livio Bronca – is by far one of the smallest in the wine region, and almost exclusively ‘top shelf’ champagnes are made in the cellar. They harvest from their own 20 hectares, besides which they neither buy nor sell grapes. All fruit comes from high areas, from the hillsides between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. In the early years, only Col Fondo (i.e. bottle-fermented, un-disgorged prosecco) was made at the winery, but since 2002 all attention has been focused on the different characters of the different vineyards. Thanks to the good acids of the early harvest and the different soils, altitude and temperature of three different DOCG areas, it’s made from perfect ingredients that complement each other really well almost every year. There’s no shortage of exciting stories about the winery: grapes are cultivated exclusively manually, the average age of the vines is 40 years, and the second fermentation takes 4 months. They make classic, yet special, dense, beautifully sparkling and multi-flavoured proseccos.

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