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SORELLE BRONCA Prosecco Particella 181 Brut 2022 – DOCG - Bortársaság

SORELLE BRONCAProsecco Particella 181 Brut 2022 – DOCG

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HUF 11 900
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The Particella series of the Sorelle selection consist of rives, i.e. premium proseccos. At the winery, these are not only single-vineyard-selected batches, but parcel selections (particella meaning parcel). They are imprints of plots with both special soils and mesoclimates. Compared to regular DOCGs, they are more mineral, more expressive and more serious sparkling wines. The 100% Glera grapes come from their own plots, from 60% slopes on average, from 35-year-old vines. 
In the case of rive, winemakers keep stretching the rules of the Metodo Martinotti production method, as 100% must goes into the autoclaves, and only one fermentation takes place (Asti method), the outcome of which is, in addition to the alcohol, approximately 5-bar pressure. It’s followed by 6-8 months of being kept on the lees in pressure-resistant tanks, which gives the super creamy palate and small, fine bubbles.

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