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SORELLE BRONCA Prosecco "Particella 68" Brut 2021 – DOCG - Bortársaság

SORELLE BRONCAProsecco "Particella 68" Brut 2021 – DOCG

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The raw material, which besides the 90% of Glera is also provided by the Bianchetta and Perera varieties, comes from slopes with an average gradient of 60 degrees, from their own plots. It’s not about reconsidering the recipe but about the old vines of 40-50 years of age, among which a few scattered vines of these indigenous varieties remain. Earlier, they used to play an important role in the making of prosecco because of the touch of extra fruitiness and acidity. They are not vinified separately, so in fact, it is a field blend. In the case of the Rives (single vineyard proseccos like this one), they are pushing beyond the boundaries of the Metodo Martinotti (Charmat method), as 100% must is put into the autoclaves and only one fermentation happens (Asti method), which along with the alcohol also produces approximately 5 bars of pressure. The wine is then kept on the lees for 4-6 months in pressure resistant tanks, thanks to which the palate is super creamy with tiny, delicate bubbles.

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