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CASE PAOLIN Spumante Brut Asolo Prosecco Superiore - DOCG (Bio) - Bortársaság

CASE PAOLINSpumante Brut Asolo Prosecco Superiore - DOCG (Bio)

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HUF 6 550
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When we tasted it on the main square of Asolo at the beginning of last summer and decided that we’d like to have more of it, we didn’t know that the winery was so small that they even sent the information about the wines carbon copied and hand written. We’ve never seen anything like this but it really suits the organic family estate where they harvest the Glera grapes by hand and everything is defined by environmental awareness. Today, the three brothers, Mirko, Adelino and Diego Pozzoban manage the winery that was founded by their father. He started dealing with grapes in the 70s in the region that essentially produces silkworms, and almost from the beginning with an organic approach.

This intensely fruity on the nose, rich, peach flavoured, organic Prosecco is made from 100% hand-picked Glera grapes.

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Case Paolin

Case Paolin

Emilio Pozzobon founded his estate where his father and grandfather used to work as day labourers. At the Case Paolin family estate, the grapes have been cultivated organically from early on. They work on 20 hectares by the River Piave, and make Proseccos and complex reds from the vineyards of different characters. 

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