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ZARDETTO Prosecco Porta Monticano Extra Dry - DOC - Bortársaság

ZARDETTOProsecco Porta Monticano Extra Dry - DOC

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The Zardetto family started working with sparkling wine in the 1900s, in Conegliano, in the historic Prosecco region. It was a pioneer in making light and less sweet proseccos, and represents the elegant citrusy style to this day. Perhaps what gives Zardetto success is that its sparklers do not fill you up like other proseccos, and instead they have a refreshing effect. 

The Monticano has a pale golden yellow colour and fresh fruity aromas of apples, pears and some citrus. The palate is rich with soft bubbles. Thanks to its acidity, it feels drier than other Extra Dry proseccos.

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