Online payment

We accept the following bank cards:

• MasterCard (embossed)
• Visa (embossed)
• American Express (embossed)
• Electron (unembossed) 
In the case of these cards, the issuing bank of the card declares whether it authorizes them for use on the internet. In cases where the bank that issued your Electron card authorizes the card to be used on the internet, you can pay by your card for products from our webshop. For information, please turn to the bank that issued your card. Naturally, cards issued by OTP Bank are accepted.
• Maestro

On the online payment channel of OTP Bank, Maestro cards issued by any bank are accepted with the condition that the issuing bank supports e-commerce transactions via Maestro cards. Please consult your bank.


If you are a so-called “company buyer” registered with us, you may also pay via 8-day bank transfer. When making a payment via bank transfer, the minimum sum of the order is 50,000 Ft.


In order to ensure that the credit card information you provide for carrying out the transaction is handled securely, Bortársaság does not keep the given credit card number – neither before, during or after carrying out the transaction, nor on its computers or anywhere else.

The process of shopping and the bank card payment transaction happens in two completely separated systems, that is: while you complete the registration, select the products and complete the order on the website, the bank card transaction takes place on a secure website operated by OTP. Under no circumstances will Bortársaság learn about your credit card information, nor will OTP receive the personal details (name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) you provided upon registration with Bortársaság.


Further information about bank card payment

For our webshop, OTP Bank Nyrt. provides the possibility to accept cards via its secure card accepting system, which uses SSL protocol. When paying by card on our webshop, you are directed to OTP Bank’s payment site, thus payment occurs on the site operated in accordance with the regulations and security specifications of international card companies and not on the page of the webshop.

The webshop in no way has the opportunity to acquire the data of your card or the account behind it, including its number and expiration date.

About security

In order to further enhance the security of online card use, OTP Bank has introduced its Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code (VbV/MSC) service. This entails the issuing bank providing the cardholder with an additional means of identification that gets verified during the transaction, thus accurately confirming the identity of the card’s user.

If your issuing bank does not offer any VbV/MSC services, or you have not requested it, the payment process will remain unchanged. Our store will redirect you to OTP Bank’s site, where you will need to enter your card details (card number, expiration date, verification code), after which payment for the purchased items/services takes place.

If VbV/MSC services are available at your issuing bank, and you have opted in, the payment process will be different. You will still need to enter your card details (card number, expiration date, verification code) via the OTP Bank payment site. After this step, however, you will be automatically redirected by the Bank to the appropriate site of your issuing bank, where you will need to have your identity confirmed. Once your identity has been successfully confirmed, the payment transaction will resume and you will receive a notification after it has completed. As it’s the last step, you will be redirected to our online store. If you are unable to have your identity confirmed, the transaction will be cancelled.


Further information: Bank Transfer
Please transfer the payable sum to our company’s bank account, to the following bank account number: 10800007-10000000-13689059. We regard the sum paid if the amount payable arrives in our bank account one workday preceding the receipt of the product. Otherwise we are unable to deliver / hand over the ordered product. After ordering the selected product, we will inform you by email about the necessary steps for a successful transfer. We will also inform you about the receipt of the sum by email.