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We’ve made this page especially for those users who are browsing the site or the internet for the first time. On this page you can learn about our services and their operation.

How can I browse the catalogue?

Orientation is very straightforward on our website. You can personalise the editing of our products which means that you can decide along what parameters and what group of products you would like to see on the page. By clicking on the filtering field on the left-hand side of the catalogue, only products matching the selected parameters will appear. By clicking on the X next to the active filtering field, the filter can be switched off. At one time, more than one filter can be switched on, but within one filter type filtering is only possible along one heading.

We have also made the organisation of the products more convenient. You can select if you would like to see the products according to either when they arrived in our shops, or their alphabetic order or price. You can look at 30, 60 or 90 products on a page at a time.

How does the browser work?

The easiest way to find a product is to use the browser on the top of the page. Enter a characteristic feature of the product into the browser that will make it identifiable. The system will automatically offer you the most relevant products organised by category in a scroll-down list from where you can get to the page of the product in one step. If you cannot find the product you seek, please click on the link next to the name of the category to continue browsing among the search results.


You can shop really easily on our web shop. All you have to do is:

1. Find the product you’d like to buy

2. Add it to the contents of your basket

3. Select the method of payment while ordering it and provide your delivery address

Use of the basket

You can add the product to your basket on the list pages and on the product page by clicking on the Add button. By default 1 product is added to the basket at a time, but you can increase or decrease the number of the products you wish to add to the basket with the +/- buttons next to the input field. You can also do this by simply writing the number into the input field and then press Add to the basket button. The summary of the basket’s contents always appears in the top right hand corner. You can view the contents of the basket by clicking on the summary button. Next, a panel will appear on which you can view the contents of the basket listed by item.

In case you wish to remove one product from the basket, you can do so by clicking on the X next to the items of the opened basket panel. You can change the number of the items in the basket by changing the number in the input field or by clicking on the +/- sign next to the input field.


To order the contents of the basket, you should click on the “Pay” button that can be found at the bottom of the basket panel. The purchase method consists of 3 steps:

1. On the basket page, we summarise again how many of which particular products can be found in the basket and how much the total value of the products you wish to order is.

2. On the delivery page you should select the way you wish to receive the product or products. In the case of home delivery, you should provide the address to which you wish the delivery to be made to. In the case of picking up in person, you should select the Bortársaság shop where you wish to collect the product or products. In both cases you can also select the time of delivery or collection, therefore you can receive the goods whenever it’s the most convenient for you.

3. On the payment page, you have to provide the billing address. By default it’s identical to the delivery address but you can also give another address by clicking on the “Register new address” button. On the payment page you can select from four methods of payment: Cash at the time of home delivery, credit card payment via secure bank server, MasterCard Mobile payment via secure bank server and bank transfer. You can finalise your order by clicking on the “Order now” button.

Your order will be confirmed by email. The email contains the number and details of your order. In case you have any problems, call the 0620 590 4431 phone number or send a fax to the 061 225-0594 fax number. You can also get in touch with us through our online customer service.

Registration, signing in

By signing in you can use services such as the saved basket and favourites while you can also view the list of your previous purchases. You don’t need to be signed in at the time of starting the purchase, you can do that when you get to the cashier. Being registered on our website is a precondition of signing in. This you can do by clicking on the Login button in the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on the registration link that appears in the Login panel, the registration panel appears. If you have a Facebook account, you can register with it as well.

How can I register with a Facebook name?

For this procedure, first you have to log onto Facebook and you have to accept that Bortársaság would like to use your email address for the signing in procedure. After this signing-in automatically occurs. It’s important to know that in case of registering with a Facebook name, we do not keep the password on the Bortársaság website, thus until you set a password in your Bortársaság profile, you’ll only be able to sign in on our website by your Facebook name.

Saving the contents of the basket for a later use

If you regularly buy the same products, saving the contents of the basket can save you valuable time. You can save the contents of the basket on the Basket page. For this all you have to do is to name the basket with a name you like. Saved baskets can only be used by signed-in customers. You can find the list of your saved baskets among your personal pages. You can add a formerly saved basket to your current list of shopping by clicking on the “put the saved items into the basket” button.

Using Favourites

If you are signed into our website, the “Add to my favourites” button will become active on every product page. By clicking on it, the given product will appear in your Favourites section within your personal pages. The products in your favourites can be put into the basket in a simply, easy way with which you can save time.

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