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PEDRO DOMECQ Fino Dry Sherry - Bortársaság


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Pedro Domecq is one of the most beautiful and most romantic wineries in Spain. The sherry house was founded several centuries ago, in 1730, making it one of the oldest commercial establishments in the region. The winery produces an incredible amount of 15 million litres of wine annually in its huge, cathedral-like, whitewashed cellars, and the larger part of it is exported. Out of the 2,500-acres of vineyards of the estate, 2,000 acres are located in an area called Macharnudo, where the hillier terrain receives more of the cooling ocean breezes that help the grapes retain acidity. Pedro Domecq became widely known not only for its classic sherries, but also for Ignacio Domecq, called ‘The Nose’ (for his almost superhuman sense of smell and tasting abilities). Pedro Domecq’s beautiful cellars have become famous known as La Mezquita (The Mosque), as it was the arcades and columns of the mosque in Cordoba that served as examples for it. So, if you happen to be in the Jerez region in the south of Spain, it’s worth visiting the winery as it offers enough spectacle beside the wines as well. One of Pedro Domecq’s flagships is Fino Dry, which is a really deep, full-bodied, dry fortifued wine, made 100% from Palomino grapes. The nose is dominated by aromas of peach, almond and apples. These notes are complemented by lemons on the palate, while a bready note emerges on the fresh, crispy finish. 

Nose Peach, almond, apple.
Palate The notes on the nose are complemented by the fresh flavours of lemons. 
Finish Bread notes appear on the fresh, crispy finish. 

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