This is what happened in 2009:

✒ The inauguration of the 44th and the first African-American President of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama.

✒ On top of almonds, we also get wine from Gyula Szabó in Köveskál, called Káli Kövek.

✒ Major joy at our Debrecen shop as the city’s football team makes in into the Champions League’s 32-team group stages.

✒ Beside the blue men of the Avatar, the heavily accented Brad Pitt and Gran Torino’s grumpy Clint Eastwood dazzle us in the cinemas.

✒ We learn the name of the 2007 Magyalos Kadarka for good.

✒ “Hey! I’m in love”, sings Emiliana Torrini in the Jungle Drum, while Depeche Mode returns with the song Wrong

✒  On the other hand, music lovers lose two icons: Michael Jackson and Tamás Cseh.

✒ Via the wines of Telmo Rodriguez and Alvaro Palacios, we discover new wine regions in Spain.

✒ Production of light bulbs of over 75 watts is ceased in the EU.


This is what happened in the vineyards in 2009:

2009 started very well. There was enough water in the soil, and the perfect weather was ideal for the spring budding. However, due to the rain and hail in June and July, veraison started very slowly. The lucky turn came in August when the warmth that arrived stayed until the end of October. This way, by the end of the long harvest that was carried out in many steps, the grapes made it to the press in beautiful ripeness, with high must degrees but tight acid structure. Despite the fact that the new wines hit the shelves very late, in November, compared to this year’s end of September, unforgettable wines made this year memorable.


We asked Gyuri Lőrincz on September 24, 2009 about when he was going to harvest the Kadarka.

✒ “Now,” came his answer, “in the Magyalos. If we are lucky it’s going to be as beautiful as the 2007 vintage was.” We were indeed lucky. In 2009, such wines like Merengő, Hangács Bikavér or the Valóban Méltó Pinot Noir came into being; wines which we are going to remember for years.


✒ “The summer veraison was late, but luckily we had less hail this particular summer. We had a nice, long autumn and a beautiful harvest,” Ági Heimann told us at the beginning of October, 2009. “In Szekszárd, at many of the best locations, the grapes are still out on the vines. The weather is ideal, we will wait as long as the must degrees allow us.”


✒ “The top for me was 2007,” Zoltán Günzer told us in Villány at the beginning of October. “If the weather stays like this, we are going to have just as good a vintage as that. My Syrah must is already at 23 degrees.”

A Szekszárd winemaker summed up the 2009 vintage the best, when in March the following year, we were trying to get up to the Heimanns’ cellar with the snow up to our knees:

✒ “Another beautiful vintage after 2007, top wines were made everywhere. It would be good to have some crappier weather so that one has to work hard to make a good wine.” At the beginning of 2010 we had no idea how right he would be.