A winery for two – We were at the Györgykovács’s

We know the road well but anyone who comes here for the first time would be looking for the Györgykovács sign in vain, as they don't like being disturbed while they’re working. And they work constantly. The first minutes after our arrival are spent with Imre excusing himself: a couple of weeks earlier our colleague, Gábor Csorba, who was around called them and said that he would drop by to say hi, but Imre and his wife were busy with racking and then it’s not good when visitors mess about. There is no fooling around when it comes to work.

“There’s a boss, there are no workers,” Imre explains. Then it turns out that they must at least know the parents of those who can be considered to help, as they don’t let anyone else down into the cellar. This is some sort of a trust foundation-stone, the work law book in a small producer’s understanding, composed especially for Somló.

One cannot emphasize enough that the whole cellar is for two people. Exactly the amount of grapes that two people can handle and exactly the size of barrels that two people can wash out. And of course, perfectionism in every respect: perfectly ripened, healthy grapes, constant presence – and tasting of the grapes until the doctor starts frowning worriedly due to their rising blood sugar levels. Imre and Gyöngyi almost know the ripening grapes by their names. Late evening, night harvest, waking up at midnight, doing the harvest in small batches after hardly any sleep.

The 2015 is the “ultimate range” from Gyögrgykovács. A truly fantastic series of wines from an exceptional vintage in Somló. From 2016, first the Hárslevelű, then from this year, the Furmint is made with the help of Kreinbacher and his team, with Imre’s supervision. “If there’s anyone to hand it over to, it can only be them,” he says. The reason why it’s these two varieties is that they ripen around the same time and they provide quite a few tasks for the small winery at the same time. In the case of Hárslevelű, in 2016, Imre was present throughout the work phases, there for the vineyard tasks, harvesting, pressing. The only difference was that he didn’t do the physical labour himself, and the berry selection wasn’t carried out by hand but mechanically and the pressing was performed by a pneumatic press and the barrels rest at the Kreinbachers.

The Olaszrizling, the Sárgamuskotály and the Tramini remain in the care of Imre and Gyöngyi.

Györgykovács 2015 Pre-purchase


The new, 2015 vintage of the Györgykovács wines can be purchased in cases of 4 and 6 in April, then the wines will be returned to our storeroom. The pre-purchase is available for 4 different wines (Furmint, Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling, Tramini) or for 6 bottles of Furmint or 6 bottles of Olaszrizling.


Olaszrizling 2015

Its nose promises a ripe yet crispy wine. Alongside the slight petrol note, stone fruit, hazelnut, a touch of oak and subtle minerality also appear. Great acids, oily palate with nicely integrated oak.
Furmint 2015
Pronounced, richly mineral nose. The minerality is accompanied by fresh, straw notes and a touch of pear. Rich, energetic palate.
Hárslevelű 2015
The last Harslevelű made completely by Imre. Flowers, straw, plus appealing honey on the nose. Buttery palate, white-fleshed fruit, acids and stony saltiness alongside the oak.
Tramini 2015
Pronounced but not exaggerated honey on the classic rose water nose. The Tramini’s lovely floral style is present throughout, but because of the acidity and minerality the palate is fresh and thirst-quenching.