Ambrus Bakó – From Ambrus

“This was the warmest growing season since 2003 and on top of that it was preceded by the hot 2011 when the soil lost all its moisture. Subsequently the vines suffered from early spring onwards. You could frequently see it with the Riesling that next to the tiny shoots, the vines were bearing even bigger bunches than the shoots. In the drought the Olaszrizling and the Riesling concentrated on the bunch, in the fruit. On the contrary, the crop wasn’t the first thing for the Kéknyelű, which sought to save itself. We knew it from a place on the hill, where it only sprouted during the time of the October rains. That’s what this variety is like. In 2012, I only used 90 small vessels of a maximum of 6-hectolitres for fermenting and ageing. This was because my experience told me that my wines would show less when fermented and aged together in such a warm area. Thus, schooled in small quantities and then blended together, the outcome will be a lot better. Nine spontaneously fermented small quantities from 90 vessels: a very good professional game and, I hope, an authentic, interesting result.”

In the first round, seven limited bottlings have made it onto the shelves. A lively, light Kéknyelű; a round, ripe Olaszrizling; and a fruity, rich Riesling from the basic series. From the single vineyard wines, the first bottled Budai Zöld debuts under the name Teraszok with 187 bottles. From the A Bak comes an Olaszrizling-Chardonnay blend: floral, rich and full, followed by the elegant and mineral Olaszrizling of Teraszok and 500 bottles of the full-bodied and luscious Olaszrizling from the A Gróf. The two small bottlings of the A Villa Mellett Kéknyelű and the A Rózától Olaszrizling will come out in the autumn.