Bardon - Erdőbénye

“Since the 2012 vintage, we have been making a new style of lighter, fresher wines. We’d like to show the fruitier, more vibrant side of the two main varieties of the Tokaj-Hegyalja: Furmint and Hárslevelű. We’re placing greater emphasis on the character of the variety and the place of growth and less on oak barrel ageing. Our aim is to create a unique Bardon style both in the field of dry and sweet wines; one which the consumers can easily identify despite the differences between the vintages. We wish to reach out to a wider audience with our wines, thus trying to make quality wine consumption, Furmint and the Tokaj-Hegyalja more popular.” – Tímea Szabó.

Winemaker: Tímea Szabó

Vineyards: Lapis, Sarkad, Meszes

Foundation of the winery: 2006

Area: 9 ha

Annual production: 8-10,000 bottles


In 2012, a new chapter started in the life of Bardon. The management of the completely refurbished winery was taken over by Tímea Szabó, a new entrant with fresh zest. Among the advisors, the name of renowned Austrian expert, Rudi Križan, also crops up. Controlled fermentation and controlled circumstances, as well as perfect hygiene. Discreet use of oak, portions of reductively made wine are put into every final wine. The key for the new Bardon style is freshness and good drinkability.