Bardon – Erdőbénye

“A textbook vintage”

A modern approach, reductive winemaking and discreet barrel use. These are a few things that spring to mind initially regarding Bardon. Ádám, who is Bardon’s young winemaker, however concentrates more on the characteristics of the grape varieties than on minerality or notes of barrel ageing. They harvest early, they press the grapes in whole bunches at a low pressure, they ferment the gleaming must quickly, inoculated and cooled. At the end of fermentation, they leave a few grams of residual sugar in the wines alongside the lively acids.



“It appeared to be a textbook vintage with lots of sunshine, cool nights and a sufficient amount of rain, also without any heat shock. I’d put it above eight out of 10. We still wish to show the fresh and vibrant sides of the varieties, which is why we keep the barrel use down.”