Beaujolais Nouveau - Arrivé le 21 Novembre!

This year, four Beaujolais Nouveau wines have arrived the southern part of Burgundy. Until now we ordered one village level Beaujolais Nouveau from the esteemed Maison Louis Jadot, while consciously avoiding the mass producing wineries of the region. This time we also sought the recommendations of our friends in Burgundy. Based on their opinions, on top of the couple of hundred Jadot Primeur we’re already familiar with, we’ve brought over new wines from three small local wineries. 

Beaujolais Beaujolais Beaujolais

How is Beaujolais Noveau made?

Almost a third of the crop grown in the wine region, which is double the size of the rest of Burgundy, is sold as Nouveau. They transport the ripe grapes that are harvested for this wine in September very carefully, in order to avoid tearing the fragile skins of the Gamay grape. From the abundantly-growing, thin-skinned, low-tannin Gamay grape, the wine makes it into the bottle via carbonic maceration, following a rapid fermentation.


What is carbonic maceration?

In a tank filled with carbon-dioxide, fermentation of the untouched berries starts within the grapes, which are completely protected from air. Hence, the fruity flavours central to the Nouveau character, which explode through the thin skins of the grapes, are guaranteed.


Why exactly the third Thursday of November?

“Le Beaujolais Est Arrivé!” the competing farmers used to shout at the French bistros until, when in 1941, a local regulation put an end to the chaos, and appointed November 15 as the day of the new French wine. As the world sped up, Beaujolais Nouveau appeared in more and more places. Subsequently, in the 1970s the day when the Nouveau could appear in the shops had to be regulated on a worldwide scale: that’s how it became the third Thursday of November. The 75 million bottles travelling to 120 countries around the world end up being cracked opened until Christmas, or at the very latest, until the following Easter. They then hand over the Beaujolais baton to the Village and Cru level wines, some of which we’ll introduce some in December.