Bori and Emil – the Késa Estate

“How about Tege for a name?” asked Attila Tálos a couple of years ago during a morning meeting. “For a red or a white?” we asked. “For my son,” came the answer. And now, there is Késa.

János Konyári’s younger daughter came up with the initially unusual sounding name of Késa. The tiny, fledgling family winery was named after Bori’s daughter and Szent István’s wife: Késa, which is an ancient diminutive form of Gizella. Bori and her husband, Emil Kvák, are debuting with a small batch of a 2015 Rizling. “Beside our work at the Ikon Winery, on our own estate the most important thing for us is independence, so that we can learn how to create something by ourselves. Also, from a professional point of view we can put into practice every tiny detail we’ve come up with over the years. We’ve gathered together all the varieties that are close to our hearts, on our 4 hectare estate. In terms of grape growing, the main consideration was that we should implement everything without making compromises. This means we use wooden stakes, sensible plant protection and manual cultivation. We turn the crop into wine only in good vintages, while at other times we sell the grapes. With winemaking, we are experimenting with temperature control, yeasts, gravitation and barrels. It’s an exciting professional game.” – Bori Konyári