Carassia Pezsgő 2017 – Precise, elegant


We’ve had a connection with the Pannonhalma Arch Abbey for a decade and a half. Beside the Pannonhalma mineral water and the Abbey’s beer, an even farther link (400 km as the crow flies, plus a border) also connects us. This is the Szilágyság (Sălaj), more exactly the Kárásztelek traditional method sparkling wine winery, where the team of winemaker Csaba Bereczki made three traditional method sparkling wines from the 2017 vintage’s small but perfect crop. On the slopes of the Transylvanian Meszes Hill, from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes, the traditional method sparkling wines are vinified based on the méthode champenoise and by now with the help of a champagne master.



“2017 was an exceptional year around here, we finished with everything on time, we got the date of the harvest right, exactly the way we planned it, which is the most important aspect in making traditional method sparkling wine,” says Csaba about the vintage.

“At the current ripeness, as a winemaker, I’m in love with the Blanc de Blancs and of course as a grape grower with the Chardonnay grapes it’s made from. With the Classic, I'm in awe of its complexity, but what’s the greatest is the rosé. When we first set the right dosage, it was still restrained. It needed another half a year after disgorging for its fruit to get stronger and for the mature, brioche, breadcrust notes to also appear alongside. Lightness and elegance are the most important notes in the 2017 traditional method sparkling wines. They’ve become more precise, more elegant wines, they’re developing beautifully in the bottle, the acids have become nicer, the flavours even purer. As the grapes age, as we improve as well, our traditional method sparkling wines are becoming even more age-worthy.”