Contemporary Burgundy – four big Pinots

We sit down every year and bring out earlier vintages of Burgundian Pinot Noirs. We observe how this exciting and diverse variety develops. Based on our latest tasting, now we voted unanimously for these Pinots.   

David Croix

He was 23 years old when he became the chief winemaker of Camille Giroud, one of Burgundy’s leading wineries, then at the age of 26, he purchased Domaine Duchet, later Domaine des Croix. He was regarded as a youth prodigy, today he is approaching legend status. The majority of his plots are in Beaune. His work is characterised by thorough awareness and complete precision. The grape growing is carried out organically on his 6.5 hectares. They destem the berries, the new wine is put into used barrels in which it is aged for a year on fine lees. The wines are bottle unfiltered and unfined.   



Thibault Liger

Similarly to David Croix, Thibault Liger is referred to as one of the greatest talents. The Liger-Belair family has been cultivating grapes in this area since 1720. They cultivate the estate’s parcels with biodynamic methods and when ploughing is needed, they do it with horses. They work with strictly selected grapes, with long soaking on the skins, restrained extraction, maceration and punching down; the aim is to achieve subtle tannin structure. Thibault Liger’s vigilance covers all the details: he bought his own forest so that he can pick the trees for his barrels. He constantly seeks to find the oak from different soils that match the wines of certain places of growth. 



Phillipe Pacalet

Philippe Pacalet is one of the most divisive characters in the region. As opposed to all the ‘vignerons’, he is not attached emotionally to his own vines, he cultivates his plots – valuable parcels in big-name vineyards – based on long-term contracts, together with the growers. A large part of his wines are free of sulphur and everything else; that’s why we often encounter aromas that cover the terroir and varietal characters.