Czider: the Hungarian cider

We first met Orsi Tölyhi and Kata Szabó while tasting craft beers. Orsi is an economist and Kata is a psychologist in Budapest. However, together they are cider makers in Vértesboglár. “Hungarian apples are so good and plentiful – why shouldn’t we make cider out of them. That’s how we got started in 2010, after a tasting. Having neither literature nor training, we fell back on the internet and foreign sources for help. Then I learned the profession in a craft brewery in England”, says Orsi. “In May 2012 we took part in a cider competition in England: as the sole foreigners, we finished an encouraging 4th out of the 17 entrants. Following a few alterations, Kata’s family house in Vértesboglár has become the ideal brewery. We debuted this March with a dry and a semi-sweet.”