Domaine Roland Lavantureux

“Our style is unusual, we use barrels for ageing, which is not so typical in Chablis. We balance out the strong local characteristics with oak, and it’s the barrel that gives the refined, taut-structured wines their richness and depth. This way, density and salty tension appears on the palate at the same time.” – Arnaud Lavantureux.



Roland Lavantureux started bottling his wines in Lignorelles, on the family estate in the ‘70s. Prior to that, his ancestors delivered the wines to the Paris market in the feuilette barrels (132 litres) typical of the region. In the last 40 years, the family estate has grown from 5 hectares to 20, with old Chardonnay parcels in the region’s important vineyards. The most important of these is Vauprin, the southern slope of the village and also one of the highest points in the wine region. They blend several plots from here, and in a non-typical way, they age this one in barrels just like all their other wines. That’s why their wines become so balanced, with softer, deeper flavours in addition to the taut acidity. Of course, the typical soil still makes its impact: the first sip of Lavantureux is like drinking fresh seawater.



Roland continues passing over the heavy baton to his two sons, Arnaud and David, and instead of growth, they’re digging themselves deeper into the fine details, endowing the wines with stronger and stronger character. The winery is characterised by skilful grape growing, with 40-50-year-old Chardonnay vines among the freshly ploughed stony rows, as well as precise and practical winemaking with the used Burgundy barrels, carried out honestly and purely. It’s the real Chablis, from the true locals. 



Iconic Californian wine merchant Kermit Lynch was among the first to discover Roland’s wines. It happened almost 40 years ago, but he still mentions the modest-looking Lavantureux wines as his selection’s best buys.