Etyeki Kúria: Step by Step

“It’s a big thing that has been built at our place in Etyek; not only architecturally but also in terms of the winemaking and grape growing. The key behind it is that Sándor and myself work together in utmost harmony. We discuss how the market is changing, what the customers are looking for, what they like, what they prefer here at the winery and at the merchants. He puts his heart and soul into the wines and I do the same with the winery. To create something together is the greatest gift. A new era has started in our lives. A highly knowledgeable winemaker makes the wines in professional yet romantic surroundings and we very much believe that new quality has come to life out of it.” Sára Matolcsy, May 2013.

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Tibor Báthori, winner of the second Hungarian Winemaker of the Year title, founds the Báthori Pince in 1992. This is the predecessor of Etyeki Kúria.
In 1996 Ágnes and István Ottrubay take over the small cellar on the top of the hill, to which only one and a half hectares and minimal infrastructure belong. During the early years, Austrian winemaker Rudolf Krizan helps them out in the cellar.
In 1997 we start working together. The relationship between the Kúria and Bortársaság starts out with a friendship formed at our Batthyhány utca wine shop.
1998 is the first serious harvest in the life of the Kúria.
In 2001 Ágnes and her family decide to move abroad. Ágnes manages to convince her sister Sára, who at the time was living in the United States, to return to Hungary. Thus the cellar is able to remain in caring, family hands. Sára has been the heart and soul of the winery for 12 years now, and the cellar continues to develop under her stewardship.
In 2001 the Kúria is the first in Etyek to plant red grapes. Based on the limestone soil, the climate, and foreign examples, Pinot Noir would be the obvious choice.
In 2003 the first Pinot is a big hit: trade and consumers alike are surprised to see what the Etyek terroir is capable of.
By 2009 the continuously growing estate reaches 18 hectares in size, which is the time to reconsider the concept of a family winery. As the first step, Sándor Mérész arrives at the winery. He is today’s chief winemaker, one who learnt the trade in California and Italy, as well as alongside Tibor Gál. In the same year the two product lines of the Kúria are created: the lighter toned white, rosé and red blends, and the premium wines of the varietal series that are made from varieties characteristic of the wine region. The new wines get a new look: Swabian folk embroidery, with the cross-stitch put on the clean-cut label.
In 2012, the winery is renewed: reflecting the unique atmosphere of the place, a modern processing plant and a state-of-the-art cellar is built on the top of the hill with an atmospheric tasting place beside it in “the grape garden of Budapest”, on the Öreghegy in Etyek. A small wine region – a small area: the floor plan and use of every single square meter serves the perfecting of the process of winemaking. Beside the design and functionality, preservation of the ecological balance, the use of renewable energy and the implementation of a cutting-edge sewage pre-cleaning system, are given serious emphasis. The new cellar with its gravity-fed processing has a 2,500 hl fermentation capacity.

By 2013 it became obvious that with the new cellar, there is also the need for new vineyard plots. With the almost 10-hectare expansion of the holdings, the Kúria grows to 28 hectares. Digging down to a depth of five meters in 100 places, the geological maps of the new plots are made. In parallel, with the involvement of French advisors, they start to select the grape varieties and clones to be planted.

Öreghegy: Királyleányka, Chardonnay
Szépvölgy: Szürkebarát
Orbán vineyard: Sauvignon Blanc
Nagy Látóhegy: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay,