Every week on Tuesday

We taste every week, on Tuesdays for the whole afternoon with 10 to 15 people taking part. They comprise colleagues, shop managers, our winery contact persons, our team dealing with restaurants and one or two friends who are close to wine.

The fate of the incoming wines are decided on during these tastings. This is also when the decision is taken as to which new winemakers we should visit and who we should start working together with. Wine descriptions are also created from these tastings, and it’s when we select the most favoured wines to write about in our monthly newsletter, as well. We also award points at our tasting. This is carried out in perhaps a slightly unusual, but highly efficient way: the basis of our judging is the number 7, borrowed from fairy tales, just because we couldn’t find anything better over the years.

It runs from the faulty, non-enjoyable 1 to the “world class” 7, while number 4 means a proper, tasty wine that is good enough to appear on the shelves.

Beside the newcomers, from time to time we also bring out some older wines, hidden vintages in order to see how they are doing – and often these bring the nicest surprises. On Tuesdays, it sometimes happens that we stumble upon such good wines that we can’t wait until the next newsletter. And that’s the case now…