Gábor Kiss - “Waking up in the vineyard”

When did you first deliver wine to Bortársaság? 

In 2013, but we’ve knew each other well before that. You have tasted my wines several times, and I was a regular customer at the Lánchíd shop. I used to go and buy good cheese next door, and at Bortársaság I mainly bought foreign wines and a lot of them at that, so that me and my friend, Miki Rácz, could learn about them and learn from them.


What’s your profession?

I’m originally a viticulturist and it has become my life as well. It’s a big thing that I wake up in the vineyard in Nagyharsány in the morning, I go to work in a winery, then in the afternoon I start working in my own vineyard, then go to bed in the vineyard.


Which one is your favourite vineyard?

The Bocor and the Hajdús, which have become one vineyard in the new classification system, but they are still two for me. They are two great vineyards lying next to each other.


What do you like drinking the most these days?

Of my own wines, the favourite is currently Enigma, which is full-bodied, rich and timeless. My constant favourite is Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir.


Why the Enigma?

Because this Merlot shows everything that I can do now. It’s a lively yet already incredibly enjoyable, dense, creamy and thick wine, out of which 2,500 bottles were made.