Gizella Pince - Tokaj

“We’ve had some extreme vintages. After 2011, we finally managed to show the full spectrum of the vineyards, which is an important aspiration for me. There’s a great difference in the climate and the flow of happenings between Tarcal, Mád and the areas above Bodrogkeresztúr. There’s no making mistakes in the case of single-vineyard wines and the acidity or the alcohol cannot be corrected by blending. 2013 tired me out completely because I had to think about when I could catch complete ripeness of the berries. Selecting between botrytis and non-botrytis was also a challenge. The shrivelling of the berries started in October. The grapes were ripe, the wines are full.” – László Szilágyi.

Winemaker: László Szilágyi

Vineyards: Szil-völgy, Medve, Szent Tamás, Kastély, Barát

Foundation of the winery: 2005

Area: 6 ha

Annual production 8-10,000 bottles


Laci Szilágyi and Pisti Balassa are old mates. We spent our first night in Laci’s guest house where over the mammoth dinner we talked and tasted with the two winemakers. Two styles, two different views, yet they both put the focus on the places of growth. Laci’s favourite vineyard is the Szil-völgy, which he was given as a wedding present at the time when he lost his dog at poker. Pisti won the dog but it ended up staying with Laci. An area can only be shown through perfectly fermented wine and thus the fermentation happens with inoculated yeast under controlled circumstances at Laci’s. He thinks it’s possible that in time he’s going to ferment the crop of certain plots with local, selected yeasts. As he says, there is evolution in the life of a winemaker, too.