Gizella Pince - Tokaj

“2014 was a year full of struggles and the Hárslevelű stood it better. The mid-September rains didn’t do us any favours and then the Drosophila suzukii fly appeared which was new for us. I made two wines after lots of selection, then I focused on 2015. We started a barrel experiment with Trust. We paired the differently toasted and staved barrels to different vineyards. The aim is to find the most suitable for all the plots.”
László Szilágyi

Winemaker: László Szilágyi

The vineyards the 2014 wines are made from: Szil-völgy, Medve, Szent Tamás, Kastély, Barát
Area: 7.5 ha
Annual production: In 2014 1,500 bottles // Vintage average: 10,000 bottle