Gizella Pince - Tokaj

Tokaj 2015 vintage report

“We had to put everything on one card, because we were pushed too far in 2014” – László Szilágyi


We could feel the big heat mainly on the loess soil. There are lots of old vines in our vineyards and they can stand the heat well but the new ones suffer a lot. I’ve never started the harvest so early; there was a significant rise in tartaric acid that brought along the citrusy character in the wine. The fermentation went off without any problems and it lasted three weeks.


Bomboly 2 – You and Balassa might as well be gangsters, he is the east side and you are the west side...

Me and Pisti, we are the Bomboys: east side-west side. I found this plot on an e-commerce website. A 1.3-hectare vineyard with more than 3,000 vines of mixed varieties. This plantation is in an OK state and it had the advantage that I could have it without making any extra investment. I’d like the upper part for dry wine, but in secret, I’m thinking about an aszú base wine as well.


What are the important changes in the life of the cellar?

We had to put everything on one card because the previous year we were pushed too far, the aim was top quality. In 2015, I produced wine in the same way as in the previous years, but we wanted to create a stable foundation, so we increased the size of the vineyards – approx. 10 hectares can give you sufficient security. I rationalised the dry selection and now there are four wines. We also put a full stop to the old dilemma of bottle closure – I vacillated a lot between cork and glass, but eventually went for cork as I feel bottle ageing is more reliable under cork.