Gizella Pince – Tokaj

“It should be consumable quickly but also for a long time.”

We’re going to the Barát and the Szil-Völgy sitting in the back of Laci Szilágyi’s pickup, among hoes and shears. He shows the ripe bunches with a smile and talks about a tricky year, experimenting and tiny changes. In 2016, the barrels played a larger role than usual, in 2017 the order was restored, proportions changed and were further refined.   



“The distribution of rain was good, we had lots of sun hours and we harvested at complete ripeness at the beginning of September. The aim is that the wine should be consumable quickly but for a long time. The style changed slightly in 2017. The tank was given a bigger role and I purposefully left a few grams of residual sugar in the wines. Alongside such acids, it’s worth playing with the sugar.”