Gizella Winery

„The 2011 wines were created via 16 small harvests and through heaps of experimenting, although they were always made in a conscientious manner. This was our seventh harvest in the small cellar that was named after my grandmother. It was a special experience, the end of a year of learning, in which we’ve been lucky that every detail could be the work of our hands. What gave us the greatest joy and the most work was our latest discovery: the cordon and bush trained vines of the Szil valley. We are getting to know this terraced vineyard: its wonderful character, soil and potential. It is now our most treasured plot on the side of the Tokaj hill, with its old name of Mézes-mály.”


Szil-völgy next to Tarcal, dacitic tuff, loess
Medve between Mád and Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite tuff
Szent Tamás near Mád, red clay with zeolite
Kastély Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite tuff and loess
Barát next to Tarcal, dacitic tuff and loess

Winemaker: László Szilágyi (34)
Foundation of the winery: 2005
Area: 6 ha in five vineyards.
Annual production: 8,000 to 10,000 bottles

Winemaking and wine style: grapes harvested in several, small batches, selected and pressed in whole bunches, fermented in barrels with selected yeast. Aged in oak and hand bottled in the cellar. Colourful character, uniqueness, differs according to the vineyards and varieties.