Gizella Winery - Tokaj

“I was lucky. At university, right at the beginning, when as a novice winemaker I had to find my path, the right people were around me. On top of that, they set the bar really high. That’s when I decided that I should either take it very seriously or I shouldn’t do it at all. Since then I’ve been doing it very seriously. My friendship with Pisti Balassa started back then.”


Szil-völgy next to Tarcal, dacite tuff, loess

Medve between Mád and Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite tuff 

Szent Tamás near Mád, red clay with zeolite

Kastély Bodrogkeresztúr, rhyolite tuff  and loess

Barát next to Tarcal, dacite tuff and loess

Winemaker: László Szilágyi (35)

Foundation of the winery: 2005

Area: 6 ha in five vineyards

Annual production: 8,000 to 10,000 bottles 

Winemaking and wine style: grapes harvested in several, small batches, perfect berry ripeness within the given parcel, pressed after destemming, fermented in barrels with selected yeast in order that the diversity of the vineyards and not the diversity of yeasts dominate the wines. Aged in used and new oak, hand bottled in the cellar.