We’ve often tasted must from Hungarian winemakers, but hardly any fresh grape juice. This is simply because the making of tasty grape juice is in marked contrast to winemaking: it requires lower sugar content, higher acidity and fresher, younger grapes and an earlier harvest. However, we found a French grape juice at Culinaris which left us awestruck with its explosive flavours of freshly picked grapes. 

This is possibly the most delicious grape juice we’ve ever tasted, and it’s made with the same care as the wines of the most diligent winemakers. Alain Milliat has lived all his life in a farm next to Lyon and he realised that even in the case of raw fruit, the character of the terroir comes through, which is something worth showing. That is how the idea of making origin selected fruit juice came into being. All of them are made by traditional, manual methods with the most important goal to maintain the fruit’s raw, natural flavours like when we bite into grapes. The main aim is to keep the character, even if the flavours and textures vary with the vintages – just like in the case of wine.