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Go and have some tea - Zhao Zhou wild teas

“A few years ago, I was in Shenzhen with my friend, Péter, and we were having some tea with Mr. He (pronounced approx: her). The first top up was astounding. “Chill out,” said Péter, “have a few more cups and then feel the full effect…”

...A short while later, the experience or one might just call it the message of tea had arrived. That’s when I understood for the first time what tea – beside the flavours – is about and why caravans travel for three months in order to deliver these leaves to all parts of the world. That experience has developed into a tea workshop… The Zhao Zhou* (pronounced approx: Jow Joe) tea workshop at Lánchíd utca 5 came into existence to introduce a little-known category of tea. We search for the best teas in the world and we often travel to wild, unknown, undiscovered, yet friendly tea regions. We learn from tea and about tea, we develop alongside our customers and that’s why we call it a workshop. We’ve learnt what the main differences between white, green, black and Pu-erh teas are. We’re starting to grasp the difference between the feel coming from caffeine and old tea trees. We pay attention to the flavours and in the meantime we perceive the effects of tea on our body, and we feel good regarding the outcome. For that’s the essence of tea. It teaches us that by looking beyond our own customs and traditions, we can see the world in the bigger picture. In our tea workshop we are happy to share our knowledge regarding Zhao Zhou tea. For more information about tea, the opening and the opening hours of the tea workshop, visit: www.zhaozhoutea.com

Gábor Tálos – Zhao Zhou tea workshop, Lánchíd utca 5.


* But who was Zhao Zhou?: Zhao Zhou (pronounced approx: Jow Joe, 趙州) was a famous Chan (Zen) master in China (778-897), who when asked about the meaning of existence by his students, used to reply “Go and have some tea”.